Privacy Policy

Chrome Extension:

Some features of Uli work locally. That is to say they operate on the user’s browser. Thus no data is communicated to any external server for these features. The features that work locally are:

  • Slur Replacement
  • Local Tweet Archiving
  • Accessing Resources for help

There are other features that require some information to be communicated to Tattle’s servers. Where this is the case, we lean towards data minimization. We only collect information that is strictly necessary for the implementation of the feature.
These are the features that require some personally identifiable information to be collected:

Archiving over email:

This feature requires an email on which the archived posts are sent. This email as well as the posts that are sent to this email are also stored on Tattle’s servers.The default functionality of the archiving feature is to archive locally and not send it over email.

Crowdsourcing Aid:

This feature needs a list of emails to which the Tweet link, on which action is requested, is sent. These emails as well as tweet links that are sent to the list of emails are stored on Tattle servers.

On resetting your account, the data for the account is deleted within a month. Otherwise, the data is stored indefinitely.

Website Analytics:

This website, like all Tattle websites, uses Plausible Analytics, a GDPR compliant open source web analytics library. Plausible is a privacy first analytical tool that does not use cookies and does not collect any personal or personally identifiable information.